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Feedback from participants

“Complete change to the way I think about shoulders. Best course I have ever done”.
“Many thanks again for an inspiring course. I loved it!”
“Great explanations, very in-depth, great synthesis of research evidence”.
“Thank you, thank you, fantastic, great teaching style, great sense of humour”.
“Excellent rationale for phased rehabilitation”.
“One of the best courses I have ever done”.
“100% useful. Very inspirational. Best shoulder course yet”.
“One of the best courses I have been on, all courses should aim to be this good”.
“What an amazing course. Have had an unbelievable result this week I also have to say that I have never been able to sit solidly at a course where there is a lot of theory and not zone out at some point. I think you talk so well and you're so interesting that I was gripped the whole time! That is a first for me and only been qualified 20 years!!"
“Excellent information with references to support course content”.
“Before I did this course the world was flat!”
“Excellent, I have changed how I treat the upper limb and neck pain and have had excellent results”. [from participant who had re-attended]
“Brilliant presentation, extremely useful material and very appropriate for current practice”
“Jeremy was relaxed and informative and gave us a lot of valuable information in a non threatening way, the evidence base was excellent”.
“Excellent teacher”. “Inspirational course”.
“Probably one of the most useful and reassuring courses I have been on”.
“By far the most informative, research based and thought provoking course I have been on”.
“Course leader was excellent and the course was very stimulating and thought provoking”.
“The tutor had great depth of knowledge, great sense of humour, was very relaxed and very approachable”.
“The presentation was excellent and the evidence base brilliant and relevant to me as a clinicial and provided me with great ideas for rehabilitation”.
“Excellent presentation style. Enjoyed lectures and practical sessions. Very impressed with depth and breadth of knowledge and how well it relates to clinical practice”.
“Up to date research, excellent techniques, enlightening, holistic, course should be compulsory”.